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For Dogs + Cats of All Ages

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No artificial colors or flavors. No added preservatives. No Added Sugar.

Great tasting, nutritionally balanced pet milk encourages fluid intake, benefiting kidney health.

Sammy’s Choice pet milk is formulated for a balance of energy and nutrition for active animals. It contains high linoleic acid content for health, skin, and coat, added amino acids including taurine for cats, and methione for dogs, and extra calcium for healthy bones and teeth. Formulated to be naturally lactose free for easy digestion.

For dog and cat owners who want what’s best for your pets.

Sammy’s Choice Pet Milk is a high quality, premium solution to help beloved family pets remain hydrated and healthy to live their best life!

  • Veterinary formulated nutrition blend

  • Formulated for a balance of energy and nutrition for active animals

  • Contains natural ingredients

  • Calcium for strong bones and teeth

  • Vitamins & amino acids for everyday health

  • Formulated to be naturally lactose free for easy digestion

  • No artificial colours or flavours

  • No added preservatives

  • No added Sugar

  • Hydrating supplement 

  • Great tasting pet milk encourages fluid intake


We believe that pets are beloved family members and are committed to helping all pets live their best life!

We believe that quality pet care products shouldn’t cost more or be hard to find and are committed to making nutritionally enriched, earth-friendly products easily available for your pet at a price that’s affordable.

Sammy’s Choice cares not only about your pet’s health, but the health of the world around us and have built a brand on sustainability and eco-friendly sourcing, packaging and manufacturing practices.

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Dog in His Bed


A beloved family Bengal cat that loved to play fetch with his toy mouse!
Smart and inquisitive, Sammy spent most of his days alternating between watching passers-by outside his window, napping, eating or exploring! A thoughtful kittycat who always made sure to bring souvenirs home from that day’s adventure!

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